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Creighton University School of Dentistry

An expanded school and healthcare facility providing quality dentistry to the lower income community of Omaha, Nebraska

What: Creighton University School of Denistry
Where: Omaha, NE
Cost: $85MM
UACD contribution: $11.5 MM QLICI
Closing: October 2016

Community Benefits

With the expanded facility, Creighton University School of Dentistry (CUSD) will be able to serve an additional 4,500 to 5,000 patients annually. Based on information provided by the QALICB, it is estimated that 32 new permanent positions will be created by the Project and it will retain 130 full-time jobs and 58 part-time positions. As part of CUSD’s partnership with the new Catholic Health Initiative (CHI) trauma hospital, the new dental school will include an after-hours urgent care facility that will operate Monday – Saturday. Currently, CHI treats 4,000 – 5,000 Medicaid cases of dental emergencies each year, which costs on average $800 per visit. The CUSD after-hours urgent care facility will not only give low-income individuals access to quality full treatment dental care, but it will be able to treat patients for $100 per visit, thus saving tax-payers over $2MM annually. CUSD is expecting 3000 patient visits annually, majority low-income, for the new after-hours clinic reducing non-traumatic dental visits to hospital emergency departments significantly.


Creighton University School of Dentistry (CUSD) is the largest provider of dentistry to the poor in Omaha, NE. The dental school provides care through its clinics and community outreach programs to about 27,000 patients annually. CUSD’s on-campus pediatric and adult dental clinics provide services to more than 12,437 clinic patients at discounted rates between 25-33% of private practice rates. To complement its dental practice, CUSD also offers community outreach services such as providing services to the Rosebud Indian Reservation; targeting Native Americans through recruitment for the dental school; and providing free oral care for the homeless, people with disabilities, and seniors. The new 240,000 SF will include a 4-story building and parking facility, and will allow CUSD to serve an additional 4,000 – 5,000 patients annually. The expanded facility would also allow the dental school to increase its student enrollment by 120 students (30 additional students per year). Currently, 25% of the CUSD students receive financial need-based scholarships, and CUSD will increase its financial aid for low-income students proportionally with the increase in new students, a 35% increase.

Visit:  Creighton Universty School of Denistry Ribbon Cutting
Visit:  Inside Creighton’s New School of Denistry Building

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