About UACD

Every community has the potential to thrive, provided the dynamic combination of economic opportunity and a diversity of people, uses, and activities.

Our Mission

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Urban Action Community Development LLC (UACD) is a seasoned financier of complex, catalytic projects located in primarily urban low-income communities (LICs). UACD targets historically under-resourced areas and implements strategic reinvestment opportunities that create jobs, businesses and quality services while driving opportunity into disinvested neighborhoods. UACD’s investment thesis is simple – we focus on the nexus between (1) market driven jobs, business and investment in university anchored innovation districts and (2) comprehensive neighborhood transformation of adjacent deeply distressed communities. By prioritizing projects within comprehensive neighborhood transformation efforts supported by private and institutional demand and aiming for a shared prosperity, UACD assures the long-term success of its projects while maximizing catalytic private investment.


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50% Underserved States

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Real Estate